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Automated Mortgage Marketing

Drip Campaigns

Stay in Front of Your Leads, Referral Partners, and Past Clients with Multi-Step Drip Campaigns

Automate your marketing and contact follow-up with multi-step drip campaigns. The Campaign Manager gives you the ability to combine related tasks into a single campaign that can be manually assigned or triggered automatically based on changes to the contact and loan.

Campaign steps can include a variety of task types:
  • E-mails
  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Mobile app push notifications
  • Mail merge letters
  • Custom activity categories
Campaigns can be used to manage all phases of the sales cycle and trigger events:
  • New Internet leads
  • Real estate agent referrals
  • Active prospects
  • Pre-approvals
  • Loans status updates
  • Post closed loan follow-up
  • Loan anniversaries
  • Credit repair
  • Birthdays
Use our pre-built campaigns or easily create your own to meet the specific needs of your business. Campaigns consolidate many of the best features in the Mortgage Manager including: LOS integration, lead distribution, mobile apps, templates, mail merging, workflows, e-mail marketing, and other core tools that allow you to automate your marketing efforts.
  • EmailLocationLocation
  • EmailRealtorTips
  • EmailFiveTips

E-Mail Marketing

Cimmaron gives you everything you need to build your business by reaching out to prospects, referral partners, and clients through e-mail marketing.

Create Your Message

Use pre-built templates or the HTML e-mail editor to create your own mergeable e-mails. You can also easily copy and paste from other documents such as Microsoft Word, web pages, or e-mails to easily compose your message.

Customize Your Content

Include corporate logos, your own photo, and choose from an extensive list of merge fields to make each message unique and establish a professional branded look and feel.

Manage Your E-Mail Lists

Use the Broadcast Manager to pick an e-mail template and select recipients with custom criteria to filter your database down to a targeted list of contacts using a robust set of industry specific fields. Now you can have a single database to handle all your CRM, transaction management, and e-mail marketing needs.

Let Cimmaron Sweat the Details

Although you can send out your e-mails using Outlook or your own e-mail server, the vast majority of our customers let the Cimmaron e-mail servers handle delivery.
  • Schedule e-mails ahead of time for hands free delivery
  • We optimize our servers and technology to comply with SPAM laws for improved delivery rates
  • Built-In Opt-In/Opt-Out Functionality

Track Your Results

Use reports and the Transmittal Finder to track the success of your marketing. The results of every e-mail delivery attempt is saved so you see exactly when an e-mail was opened or conversely track opt-outs requests, delivery failures, and other delivery status information.

Anti-SPAM Policy

Cimmaron is committed to e-mail marketing policies that are both CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 compliant and follow industry best practice standards for the delivery of e-mail marketing content. Please take a closer look at our Anti-SPAM policy to learn more.

Text Messaging

Extending your marketing reach beyond e-mail messages is a vital component to the successful growth of your business. Text messages have become a core part of how you communicate every day to your prospects, clients, and referral partners, but texts largely remain a one at a time manual task.

Automated texting from Cimmaron brings the flexibility and ease of use already available in e-mails to the text messaging channel.

text messageing

Flexible text messaging options

Text messaging is completely integrated with your contact database and your texts can be sent using any of these methods:

  • Open a contact and send a one-off text message on the fly. You can enter your own message or select from or from a pre-built template.
  • Add a text message to your drip campaigns to automatically send messages to your contacts and other users based on trigger events.
  • Broadcast a text message to a targeted list of contacts using the Broadcast Manager.

Automated texting opens new possibilities for getting the word out. Add texts to your loan status update notification campaigns to reach out to your borrowers, co-borrowers, buyers agents, and seller agents or include text messages in your new lead campaigns. Anywhere you can think of using an e-mail, you can now use a text.