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Data Center

Data Center


Cimmaron servers are hosted at two separate premier locations. One in San Diego, CA and another in Phoenix, AZ. Both locations feature everything you would expect from any high-end data center. With speed, security, and reliability as primary design concerns and a network able to meet those goals.

Redundant Power
Redundant Climate Control
Redundant Fiber Entrances
Redundant Tier One Backbones
24x7x365 Monitoring & Management
24x7x365 Security
Cimmaron Data Center Power Equipment


Cimmaron Data Center Power Equipment Redundant 4000 AMP, 480-volt electrical feeds power to the data center. This system provides automatic switching between two independent transformers located on-site. Besides a total of One Megawatt of redundant UPS power, the facility additionally houses a fully redundant 2,400 AMP, 48V, positive ground DC Telco power plant and distribution system. This system currently powers all fiber providers as well as carriers in the facility. A fully redundant One Megawatt paralyzing UPS system, redundant Master and Emergency System Busses (MSB/ESB) and a 2 Megawatt Diesel Generator system with 3500 gallons of fuel, provides backup power for the facility. UPS power is fed into redundant Power Distribution Units and from there into Remote Power Panels (RPP). Each RPP is monitored to the circuit breaker level to ensure early warning overload protection.


Onsite security is provided by a combination of biometric hand scanners, electronic card control systems, hi-resolution motion sensitive digital video surveillance systems and onsite personnel. Access into the facility is granted only after positive identification (both manual and bio-metric) has been established. Movement throughout the facility is further tracked by usage of electronic card keys.

All critical areas of the facility are zoned off and access is allowed only to those individuals that need access to those areas. Access to the Meet-Me and POP facilities are provided on an escort-only basis. The entire facility is alarmed and monitored with video cameras and off-site alarm monitoring services.


Air conditioning and air handling services are provided by a series of three fully redundant 180-ton data center specific closed loop chiller systems. These systems provide over 500 tons of humidity and temperature controlled air conditioning to the data center.

Each data center floor is fed by 20 and 30-ton individual, redundant Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. The server area is kept at 72 degrees and 45% humidity at all times. Critical airflows are monitored for hydrogen at all times, and temperature and humidity sensors are placed throughout the facility to provide early warning in the event of a system failure.
Cimmaron Data Center Power Equipment


24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of all Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), fire suppression systems and security systems onsite by specially trained personal. Critical airflows, temperature, humidity, power consumption, early warning fire identification and suppression systems, generator, chillers, CRAC Units and all security systems are monitored in real-time.

Fire Detection & Suppression

Fire detection is provided by a facility-wide Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection System (VESDA). Each of the 30 CRAC units has its own detection monitor that is also connected to the VESDA system. Monitored both onsite and remotely, the VESDA units are just one component of the fire detection and suppression system.

Fiber Facilities

Telco and Optically Neutral facility fed by two separate fiber vaults. All fiber enters the facility via two divergent routes and into a secure fiber pop. Individual carriers then hand-off the circuits and other facilities in a specially designed Meet-Me Room adjacent to the fiber pop.

Seven fiber providers give the optically neutral facility the redundancy and bandwidth needed for any level of application usage. The facility features OC48s or better from the following providers: AT&T, Pacific Bell, WorldCom, Time Warner, Level 3, XO and ICG.

Carrier Facilities

The San Diego data center is currently home to 9 different IP carriers including XO, ICG, Time Warner, Level 3, Yipes, SBC, Cogent and Internap.