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Mortgage Marketing

Automated Mortgage Marketing

Maintain and build relationships with past clients, prospects, and current customers with timely, relevant messaging

  • Leverage an extensive set of original marketing content
  • Ready to use pre-built drip campaigns
  • Reach out to your clients and referral partners with two monthly newsletters
  • Use two-way texting to communicate with your contacts
  • From birthdays and milestones to all the major holidays, Cimmaron has you covered with ready-to-go eCards.
  • Create and deliver videos in your e-mail marketing
  • Co-branded marketing made easy
  • Track and measure performance using open rates, click-throughs, conversions, etc.
  • Centralized marketing - one user can easily handle marketing for the entire branch or organization
Drip Campaigns
Automated Marketing

Lead Management

Take control and increase your lead conversion

  • Integration with all major lead providers and predictive dialers
  • Create custom business rules to distribute leads
  • Automated lead distribution with notifications to your mobile app or desktop
  • Create shark tanks and automatically redistribute leads based on user response times
  • Manage contacts and assign campaigns anywhere using the Cimmaron mobile app
  • Track lead conversion rates
contact management

Contact Management

Stay engaged with your clients and increase referrals

  • Customizable Dashboards give you a consolidated view of the pipeline and outstanding tasks
  • Send personalized emails to borrowers and referral partners
  • Easy to use search features allow you to quickly find and target leads, real estate agents, loans in process, and past clients
  • Let your borrowers see loan statuses and run calculations on your own branded borrower mobile app
  • Integration with most VOIP systems and phone providers for click-to-dia
  • View your client's complete contact history
  • Schedule future commitments and follow-ups
  • Outlook Integration (Exchange and Office 365)
contact management

Two Way Texting (Contact Chat)

Effortless communication and lead management
all in a single platform

Cimmaron’s new two-way SMS feature offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, tailor-fit for improving customer interaction and avoiding the pitfalls of communication breakdown.
two way texting
  • Enjoy a 97% open rate and proven 45% response rate - much higher than email
  • Address concerns and respond to inquiries immediately in real time
  • Keep all of your business interactions separate from personal and in a single place
  • Increased customer open and response rates
  • Analyze message history with your team at any time
  • Automate messages and create customized text messaging campaigns
contact management

Video Email Marketing

Add personality and presence to your email marketing

Video emails allow you to personalize your messages in a unique and exciting way that standard emails can’t touch.
  • Enhance brand awareness and build lasting rapport with past and present clients
  • Articulate complex information that might get lost in a traditional email
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors and gain client trust by personalizing interactions
  • Save time by eliminating the need for phone calls and face-to-face meetings
  • Speak to younger markets while impressing clients who aren’t used to video e-mails
two way texting
contact management

User Chat

Keeping you connected with key players on your team

With Mortgage Manager, group messaging makes internal communication a natural part of the workday.
  • Break silos with one-on-one and group interaction in real time
  • Never lose track of messaging history
  • Notifications keep you constantly aware of updates and new developments
  • Save time by communicating with everyone at once instead of separate conversations
  • Share insights and save time by avoiding in-person meetings and long phone calls
  • Keep sensitive information secure and eliminate the threat of vulnerability and attacks
Mobile Mortgage Manager

Mobile Apps

Mobile Mortgage Manager - Mortgage CRM On the Run

Take your CRM on the road using the mobile app version of the Mortgage Manager CRM solution, bringing the power of the desktop version to your phone.
  • Access your prospects, clients, and referral partners from live customizable dashboards
  • Add and update leads and referral partners
  • View and update your ToDo list
  • Assign your contacts to marketing drip campaigns
  • Receive live push notifications on your phone based on contact and loan trigger events
  • Check your loan pipeline for milestones, updated details, and access to the buyer's and seller's agents
  • Optionally brand the app in the ITunes and Google Play stores with your organzation's name and artwork
Mobile Mortgage Manager

My Mortgage Center - Mobile Access for Your Clients

My Mortgage Center app easily allows your clients to run calculations and access their loan information in real time. Additionally, you have the option of co-branding the app with your realtor partners for mutual clients in the interest of developing lasting referral relationships.
  • Access the loan center
  • Run mortgage calculations
  • Co-brand with your real estate agents
  • Contact the loan officer and referral partner
  • Receive real-time loan status push notifications
  • Optionally brand the app in the ITunes and Google Play stores with your organzation's name and artwork
LOS Integration

LOS Integration

Save time and increase customer and referral partner satisfaction with real-time syncing to your LOS

  • Integrate with all major LOS providers
  • Ensure data accuracy and compliance
  • Send automated loan milestone notifications to borrowers and agents
Automated Surveys

Automated Surveys

Gain valuable insight into the Borrower and Agent experience

  • Stay in front of the people that bring you business with post loan close, loan transaction, and home loan review surveys
  • Surveys are delivered automatically
  • Response data is saved to the contact’s history – viewable through e-mail notifications and available for reporting
  • Save time and money by eliminating third party vendors


While Mortgage Manager is designed to make any mortgage professional competitive on day one, we also understand that your business is unique and therefore provide you with the power of customization at all levels.

  • Do-it-yourself customization – including modifiable drop-downs and look-up values to match your organization’s needs
  • Create advanced workflows using workflow engine
  • White-labeling – customize your application with splash screens and icons, truly a custom CRM
  • Track and measure performance from opens and click-throughs to conversions and closed sales
  • Take advantage of our 25 years of experience by enlisting our custom screen creation via professional services
Data Security

Data Security

Cimmaron is a valued and trusted partner with decades of experience

  • Mortgage Manager is designed using cutting edge software and implements the latest security technology
  • Use the powerful Policy Editor to lock down access to data, dashboards, and reports
  • Data is encrypted and housed in state of the art data centers
  • Track
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