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Smart Client Design

Mortgage Manager CRM and other Cimmaron Software products and custom solutions are based on a Smart Client architecture. This combines the best features of a pure Web based solution (secure access to a single corporate database anywhere you have an Internet connection) with the best features of a Windows Form based application (rich user interface, applications that launch locally from your desktop, access to local files.)

Smart Client Architecture

Smart Client Architecture This hybrid design gives you the best of both worlds in a single solution. Pure web applications force you to enter your data from within a web browser such as Internet Explorer. While web screens are great for remotely accessing information and placing an order, studies show that users find this to be a frustrating experience for applications that are run daily and are data entry intensive such as CRM or contact management software. Users find that screens running within a Windows based application launched from your desktop and independent of a web browser have the advantages of enhanced performance, a more robust user interface, and easy access to data on local drives and networks. This method is the preferred way of running contact management, CRM, and other applications that have a focus on data entry.
Smart client applications allow multiple users to simultaneously access a single corporate database and a single set of marketing materials, while tapping into the power their local applications such as Microsoft Word for mail merging client information pulled directly from the remote corporate database in real time. The Mortgage Manager CRM application takes advantage of this unique design to implement seamless synchronization with loan origination software such as Calyx Point. Web based solutions don't have this capability and instead rely on the heavy use of importing and exporting data and proprietary word processors instead of woking directly with more powerful and popular applications such as Microsoft Office.

Smart clients are easily deployed and managed client applications that provide an adaptive and interactive experience by leveraging local resources and intelligently connecting to distributed data sources.

Traditional Web applications are limited and companies are starting to look for alternate more powerful solutions. Smart client solutions blend the best of the Rich Client with the best of thin to deliver solutions that work online and leverage local resources, are easily deployed and have the ability to work on multiple devices.

Smart Client Capabilities

Leverage Local Resources - Provides rich, responsive applications by taking full advantage of the local software (e.g. Office) and hardware (e.g. disk, memory, CPU, GPU, etc).
Connected - Provides applications which are connected to the enterprise, giving timely access to live and relevant data and allowing the application to take part in business and collaborative processes.
Intelligent Deployment And Update - Provides easy management of the application, allowing for seamless deployment and update, retaining the benefits of a thin client architecture.
Device Flexibility - Provide applications which are tuned or tailored to the specific client device, making appropriate use of the screen real estate and user interface facilities and local hardware (e.g. pen, speech, etc).