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Two Way Texting (Contact Chat)

Integrate Texting with your Mortgage CRM

Sending and receiving text messages is no longer confined to a simple text app on your mobile phone. Mortgage Manager’s two-way texting feature allows you to chat from within the context of your contact screen. Now you and your team can see all contact communication – text, phone calls, emails, notes – in the same space as your contact and loan data.

Response Rate

Texting has a proven
45% response rate
Open Rate

Text messages show a
97% open rate

Enjoy Higher Response Rates

Text messages are associated with response rates 5.5x that of email and an impressive open rate of 97%.

Send and Receive Business Texts

Use unlimited two-way texting to communicate in real time with clients and referral partners.

Separate Business from Personal

Keep all of your client interactions in one place and save your default texting app for communicating with friends and family.

Stay Connected, Wherever You Are

Mortgage Manager’s two-way text messaging feature allows you to connect with clients and referral partners and other team members from your mobile phone or windows desktop — all without ever having to leave your CRM application. It’s a streamlined, organized approach to staying in front of your key contacts, ensuring you never miss another important interaction again.

With two-way texting, you can:
  • Send and receive personalized texts instantly
  • Deliver timely alerts and notifications in real-time
  • Trigger automatic texts based on milestone activities
  • Avoid unnecessary phone calls and communicate 15x more efficiently
  • Maximize your marketing efforts with minimal time and energy
  • Enjoy a 97% open rate and proven 45% response rate - much higher than email

Store Business Critical Conversations All in One Place

Your phone’s texting app is for communicating with friends and family, not clients and referral partners. Mortgage Manager allows you to separate your business and personal conversations while keeping track of each and every client interaction in a single place. Analyze messaging history for trends, important touchpoints and open/response rates—how deep you go is entirely up to you.

Instantaneous Communication with a Human Touch

Two-way texting allows you to send and receive one-off or scheduled text communications tailored to specific clients and referral partners. Create automated campaigns, send a message on the fly when something important comes to mind or instantly respond to inbound texts — it’s all in your hands with Cimmaron’s Mortgage Manager