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Video Tutorials

Next Level Communication with Cimmaron Mortgage Manager

Next Level Communication with Cimmaron Mortgage Manager - Learn how to take your communication with leads, clients, and referral partners to the next level through the use of the two-way texting and video email marketing features included in Cimmaron Mortgage Manager CRM.


Add a Note - The Notes section on the General tab is designed to captured an overall non-time sensitive picture of the contact. For example: “Has three children, went to UCLA, and is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan”. This type of information is perfect for a quick review before you place a call or send out an e-mail to touch base. Cimmaron also offers Note activities that are used to capture time-stamped notes such as: “Looking at properties this weekend.” This video reviews the differences between these two different methods for capturing client notes.

Add a Phone Follow Up Call - Learn how to add and manage your follow up phone calls using the Contact Activity Dashboard.

Contact Activity Dashboard - Create, Edit, and View Contact Activities - The Contact Activity Dashboard inside the contact screen allows you to create, edit, and view a complete list of all activities tied to a contact. From here you can quickly see a history of any communication, action, or note and identify who completed each task and when it was completed.

Contact Activity Dashboard Filters - The Contact Activity Dashboard filter option allows you to set your preferences for what type of activities are displayed in the dashboard when you open the Contact Detail view. For example, you may want to limit the activities to just those that are still pending or you may want to exclude e-mails from the dashboard.

Contact Activity Finder - Manage Your Activities and ToDo Items - Todo items, tasks, phone calls, etc can all be easily and effectively managed using the Contact Activity Finder.

E-Mail History Tab - The E-Mail History tab within the Contact Activity Dashboard provides an optimized view of any e-mail delivered to the selected contact. This list gives you an at-a-glance look at the status of every e-mail attempt that either went directly to the contact or to related contacts, such referral partners, real estate agents tied to their loan transactions, and supporting users at your company included in e-mail communications based on that contact.

Resend a Previously Failed E-Mail - What can you do when you discover that your drip campaigns and e-mail broadcasts have not been going out due to having an incorrect e-mail address for your contact?. Learn how to fix a bad e-mail address and resend a previously failed e-mail attempt.

Text Message a Contact from the Contact Screen - Find a contact and send out a text message using the Contact Activity Dashboard.

ToDo List Management - Learn how to manage your ToDo list using the My ToDo List section of the Loan Officer General dashboard. This video shows you how can quickly and effectively move through each one of your activities by drilling down on from the ToDo item to open up the contact screen, review the available information, and complete the task.



E-Mail Newsletter Management - This video describes a strategy you can use to send out your monthly e-mail newsletters with the least amount of effort. Based on lessons learned setting up e-mail newsletters for a variety of businesses, this approach provides a best practice method you can use to take advantage of this popular feature.

Recurring Broadcasts - Recurring Broadcasts make it easy to create e-mail blasts in cases where you send the same type of content to the same group of contacts on a regular basis. For example, when you have a monthly client newsletter or a weekly rate update for your realtors. Recurring Broadcasts save all your settings from the previous Broadcast, so when it comes time to send out the latest version, all you need to do is update your content and click Ok to Generate. This saves you time and helps to make your e-mail marketing consistent whenever you need to reach out to the same group of contacts.

Send an E-Mail Out for Multiple Users with a Single Broadcast - E-Mail Broadcasts allow you to send an e-mail template out to a targeted list of contacts. One of the most efficient benefits of the Broadcast feature is the ability for one user to create a Broadcast that delivers e-mail content to contacts belonging to other users in the system.

Send E-Mails Using an E-Mail Broadcast (E-Mail Blast) - E-mail a targeted list of contacts using an e-mail Broadcast.



Add Text Messages to your Loan Status Update Campaigns - Learn how to add automated text messages to your drip campaigns. In this example a text message is added to the loan approved loan status update campaign to reach out to the buyer's and seller's agent as soon as the approved loan status milestone is reached.

Assign a Campaign from the Contact screen - Drip campaigns are made up of a predefined series of tasks, including e-mails, phone calls, text messages, postcards, and other activity types. Campaigns can be assigned to your contacts manually on the fly from the Contact screen, in bulk using the Batch Assign screen, or triggered automatically. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to assign a Campaign from the Contact screen.

Automatically Assign a Drip Campaign Using a Workflow - Workflows allow you to automate the use of your campaigns by giving you the ability to define trigger points (changes to status, contact owner, etc.) that cause your drip campaigns to automatically assign.

Campaign Visualizer - The Campaign Visualizer screen provides an easy and comprehensive view of your campaign design from beginning to end. Users are able to select a campaign, as well as a contact, to see every step completely merged along with their contact signature and template images, all from a single screen.

Create Drip Campaigns - Create, Edit, and View Campaigns - Learn how to create drip campaigns.

Pre-Approval Campaigns - Your Pre-Approval letters can be merged and delivered to your clients and agents using a Pre-Approval Letter campaign. This campaign merges loan information into a Word document that attaches to an e-mail template describing the pre-approval letter. The e-mail is set to draft mode, which allows a loan officer to review and edit the Word document before it’s delivered. Finally, the Word attachment is converted to a PDF file on the fly before it’s e-mailed to the recipient.

Text Message a Contact or User with a Drip Campaign - Add a text message to a drip campaign to automatically text your contacts and users based on specific milestones and trigger events.


Cimmaron Marketing Content

Activate a Cimmaron Drip Campaign - Activating a drip campaign makes it available for manual assignment from the contact screen.

Assign a Cimmaron Marketing Campaign to a Contact (Mobile) - Learn how to select a Cimmaron drip campaign and assign it to a contact using the Mobile Cimmaron Mortgage Manager app.

Assign a Cimmaron Marketing Campaign to a Contact (Windows) - Learn how to select a Cimmaron drip campaign and assign it to a contact using the Windows version of Cimmaron Mortgage Manager.

Create Your Own Campaign Using Cimmaron Marketing Content - Build a custom drip campaign using selected email templates taken from the Cimmaron marketing content.

Preview Cimmaron Drip Marketing Campaigns - Your Cimmaron installation includes a library of pre-built drip campaigns that can be used for a variety of marketing needs including converting new leads and prospects, sending out loan status notifications, staying in front of past clients, communicating with referral partners, and more.

The Campaign Visualizer makes it easy to browse through the entire set of available campaigns, providing the ability to pick a campaign, optionally merge a contact, and view each individual step of that campaign. This feature is designed for previewing content, so you never have to worry about accidently sending out a sample email to a real contact. The Send Email command allows you to deliver the entire campaign all at once to an email address you provide, giving you an easy way to send a campaign to your own email address (or to another loan officer) when you’d like to view the content from your own Inbox.

Preview Cimmaron Marketing Email Templates - Every email contained within the pre-built Cimmaron drip campaigns includes a corresponding stand-alone email template that you can use to create your own campaigns, send out an email blast to a contact list, or deliver a one-off email to a single contact. This video tutorial shows you how to access and view these email templates.

Send a Cimmaron Email Template to a Single Contact - Use a template from the Cimmaron Marketing content to send an email to a contact.

Send a Cimmaron Email Template to Multiple Contacts at Once Using the Broadcast Manager - Use the Broadcast Manager to send an email from the Cimmaron marketing content to a targeted list of contacts.


Contact Chat (Two-Way Texting)

Activate a Texting Phone Number - Two-way texting (Contact Chat) is enabled by allocating a phone number to each user that would like to use that feature. The User Profile screen provides the ability to select a local phone number and provision it for user.

Add Chat Messages to Your Drip Campaigns - Chat messages take advantage of the two-way texting feature, allowing you to get through to your prospects, clients, and referral partners in situations where emails might not be as effective. One-off chat messages can be created on the fly from the client screen but adding chat messages to your drip campaigns allows this type of communication to happen automatically. Open and response rates are much higher for chat messages as compared to emails and adding chat messages to your new lead campaigns is just one example of how you can leverage this feature. This video tutorial demonstrates how to add a Scheduled Chat Message to a drip campaign.

Use Two-Way Texting to Chat with a Contact - Contact Chat allows you communicate with your contacts as well as your team directly from the contact screen in both the Windows application and the Mobile Mortgage Manager app. Learn how to take advantage of this feature to collaborate and track your contact correspondence.


Contact Management

Add a Mortgage Contact - The Add Contact screen in the vertical menu bar allows you to add a contact using your default contact view. For many users, this means the Full View, which is an easy way to add a new mortgage prospect. This video tutorial covers how to add a contact and also introduces you to the pipeline management fields, which are used to better organize your contact data.

Advanced Finder Criteria - The Criteria Builder control gives you added flexibility and range when searching for contacts and other information. Criteria is used to “filter” data in screens like the Contact Finder, Loan Finder, and Broadcast Manager and allows you to search the database for a specific list of information.

Capture Your Contact's Social Media Sites - The Contact - Social Media tab allows you to capture and track your contact's major social media sites within Cimmaron. Their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter content is consolidated into a single screen allowing you to quickly brush up on exactly what your contact is doing with their social media accounts before you pick up the phone and make the call, getting you completely up to speed on what's import to them on both a personal and business level.

Contact Category Filters - Categories allow you to organize your contacts into various logical groups. As you create and add on to your list of Categories over time, you may run into a situation where your list becomes a bit unwieldy due to a growing number entries. Using Category Filters you're able to limit the set of available Categories to a subset of your overall list based on the state of the contact being modified. As an example, Referral Partners may only need Categories such as: “Tier 1”, “Tier 2”, and “Tier 3”, but don’t need any prospecting values such as “First Time Homebuyer” and “Has a Realtor”

Contact Finder - Contact Detail View - Display contact information using screen layouts optimized for the type of contact your viewing.

Contact Finder - Quick Find - Search for your contacts using the Contact Finder - Quick Find tab.

Contact Finder - Result Layouts - Display your Contact Finder results using optimized layouts.

Contact Information Pop Up - The Contact Information Pop Up is a customizable template that can be opened with a single click from the contact screen to display information aggregated from across multiple tabs to give you a comprehensive at-a-glance view of the contact fields that you deem to be most useful for your needs. Rather than moving through various tabs in the contact detail view to obtain this information, you can pull all the fields together in a single optimized document to quickly get up to speed on the status of your contact and optionally use to print or copy/paste into other documents.

Contact Lead Source Tracking - The Lead Source pipeline management fields allow you to track where your contacts originated. With these fields you can easily see how each well you’re doing with all your sources for new leads. Break down how often your referrals close and drill down to specific companies and agents. If you purchase leads, the ability to see which sources are most likely to close is critical to optimizing your investment.

Contact Ranking Categories - Ranking your contacts allows you to organize your leads, past clients, and referral partners into logical tiers or groups. This method makes it easy to follow up and market to your contacts based on their respective business relationship value. For example: Hot, Warm, Cold or Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 are popular categories used for this pipeline management technique.

Contact Status Tracking - Learn how to use the Contact Status and Status Description fields to manage the current disposition of your prospects, clients, referral partners, and other contacts in your database. The status tracking fields are central to sound pipeline management and understanding how best to maintain this information will go a long way toward helping you with your reports, marketing, lead management, and other CRM needs.

Find Contacts - A quick overview describing how to find your contacts using the Contact Finder.

Find Contacts Belonging to Other Contact Owners - Search for contacts that are tied to other Contact Owners at your branch and other branches in your installation.

E-Mail History Tab - The E-Mail History tab within the Contact Activity Dashboard provides an optimized view of any e-mail delivered to the selected contact. This list gives you an at-a-glance look at the status of every e-mail attempt that either went directly to the contact or to related contacts, such referral partners, real estate agents tied to their loan transactions, and supporting users at your company included in e-mail communications based on that contact.

Reassign Contacts Using the Contact Batch Assign Screen - Lean how to reassign contacts to another user. The Contact Batch Assign screen can also be used to change additional types of information such as Status and Categories as well as to assign and unassign Campaigns.

Share your Contacts with Other Users - Create a team of users that can access your contacts. This is a great solution when you have an assistant or need someone to cover for you when you go out of town.

Zillow Zestimate - Look Up Property Values from the Contact Screen - Cimmaron's built-in integration with the Zillow website allows you to quickly look up a property's valuation and other details with a single click from the Loan Scenario and Loan tabs.


Dashboards and Reports

Add a Dashboard - Dashboards allow you to automatically display the information that’s most import to you and your team. Dashboards combine reports, charts, and finder result lists onto a completely customizable canvas.

Add a Report - The report designer feature allows you to create and modify your own custom reports. Learn how to select a report source, configure the layout, and make the report available to your users.

Add Dashboard Charts - Dashboard charts summarize your contact data using graphs to provide a visual snapshot of your pipeline status. This video demonstrates how to create stack bar charts to view recent leads by both contact owner and lead source.

Contact Detail Report - The Contact Detail Report is an on-screen report that you can run from the Contact General tab to consolidate information from various tabs giving you a complete picture of your contact’s status in a single comprehensive view.

Create Custon Reports - Create, Edit, and View Reports - Learn how to create custom reports.

Dashboard Access Configuration - Dashboards can be configured to both auto-load at start up and to display within the Dashboard section of the vertical menu bar. The Policy Editor screen gives you the ability to control these settings for all your users or define a specific set of dashboards for groups of users by setting filters based on a variety of user attributes including; company (branch), menu group, roles, etc.

My ToDo List Dashboard - The My ToDo List control in the Loan Officer General dashboard is your home for taking care of your outstanding ToDo items. The Loan Officer General dashboard loads at start up and the My ToDo List control displays all the pending activities you need to take care of for the day. This video shows you have to use this control to manage your daily tasks.


Data Management

Data Encryption - Learn how Cimmaron implements certificates and key management for improved data security.

Export Contacts - Export your Contacts using reports and Finder screens.

File Transfer - Secure, encrypted, cloud-based file transfer is available from the Marketing – “File Explorer” screen. You can use this feature as a secure alternative to e-mailing file attachments when communicating with the Cimmaron support team.


E-Mail Templates

Add an E-Mail Template - Create web based e-mail templates for individual customized e-mails, bulk e-mail broadcasts, and drip campaigns.

Add an Image to an E-Mail Template - Import images and include images in your html e-mail templates.

Create an E-Mail Template - Create html e-mail templates to be used for e-mails in the Contact screen, e-mail blasts, and drip campaigns.

Hyperlinking Documents in your E-Mail Templates - Cimmaron allows you to upload and link to documents in your e-mail templates. Although you can link to any document already on the Web, sometimes you have a PDF or other document type on your local computer that you'd like link to in your templates. This tutorial explains how you can easily upload a document to Cimmaron and then include that file in your e-mail via a hyperlink. Linking to documents is a much better method to use over simply attaching the file in that your e-mails are smaller and people are more comfortable viewing a document from a link rather than opening an attachment.

My Mortgage Letters - E-Mail Marketing Content - Use the My Mortgage Letters marketing content package to reach out to your prospects, past clients, and referral partners through individual e-mails, drip campaigns, and e-mail blasts.

Social Media Links - Cimmaron allows you to add dynamically merged social media links to your e-mail and Microsoft Word templates. URL addresses are first pulled from the User Profile and if those are not available the links are pulled from the company (branch) level. This allows you include social media icons that can consistently merge a valid address for both users that have their own personalized links as well as those that don’t have their own social media sites set up.


Loan Management

Export to Calyx® - Learn how to export loans to Calyx® from the Loan Scenario tab. The Calyx® sync feature allows you to select a Loan Scenario and export it to Calyx® on demand. Options include selecting an Calyx® template, folder, and loan officer.

Export to Encompass® - Learn how to export loans to Encompass® from the Loan Scenario tab. The Encompass® sync feature allows you to select a Loan Scenario and export it to Encompass® on demand. Options include selecting an Encompass® template, folder, and loan officer.

Find FHA Loans - Learn how to use the Advanced Find tab in the Contact Finder to search for your closed FHA loans.

Link Documents to your Contacts and Loans - Learn how to use the Files tab to classify and link documents to your contacts and loans.

Loan Comparison E-mail Templates - The Rate Quote e-mail templates allow you to quickly recap your client's various options by consolidating information pulled from the Client -- General and Loan Scenario tabs into an easy to understand e-mail summary. Choose from pre-built e-mail templates that focus on a standalone loan scenario or use one of the templates that combine multiple scenarios into a side by side loan comparison e-mail.

Loan Related Contacts - Learn how to link contacts to a loan transaction to allow automated Loan Status Update e-mail notifications to be delivered to the Buyer's and Seller's real estate agents along with the e-mails going to the borrower and co borrower. This process is automatic for some LOS systems (Calyx Point, Ellie Mae Encompass, etc.), but can also easily be accomplished using the Loan Related Contacts tab.


Mobile Mortgage Manager

Send One-Off Video Emails to your Contacts - Use the Mobile Mortgage Manager CRM App to record and send a video to a contact. The mobile app video feature makes this process quick and easy and integrates with built-in video templates to help you deliver video e-mail messages to your prospects, clients, and referral partners from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Mortgage Manager CRM - Take your CRM on the road using the mobile app version of the Mortgage Manager CRM solution, bringing the power of the desktop version to your phone.

Stay connected and instantly access your new leads, pre-approvals, active loan transactions, and referral partners directly from your phone.

View and edit your calendar and ToDo items, receive push notifications, and email through your CRM system to better track and react with your contacts.

New Lead Notifications - Use the Mobile Mortgage Manager to receive and react to new lead notifications

Use Two-Way Texting to Chat with your Contacts - Sending and receiving text messages is no longer confined to a simple text app on your mobile phone. Mortgage Manager’s two-way texting feature allows you to chat from within the context of your CRM. This video tutorial shows you how to text back and forth with your contacts using the Mobile Mortgage Manager.


My Mortgage Center

My Mortgage Center - The My Mortgage Center mobile app is designed for your borrowers and also allows you to nurture referral partner relationships by optionally offering your realtors a co-branded phone app that your mutual clients can use to run mortgage calculations, communicate you through phone, e-mail, and text, and track the status of their loan transactions in real-time trough push notifications and access to the loan center screen.


Cimmaron Monthly Newsletters - Newsletters are a great way to stay in front of your clients and referral partners but finding the time to create your own is a difficult task. Cimmaron offers two monthly newsletters, one for clients and one for your referral partners. Watch this tutorial to learn how easy it is to tap into professionally written content every month to help you stay in front of the people that matter to your business.


Outlook Integration

Microsoft Outlook (Exchange) - Export a Contact to Outlook - Export contacts to Outlook using the Microsoft Exchange sync feature.

Microsoft Outlook (Exchange) - Import a Contact from Outlook - Import contacts from Outlook using the Microsoft Exchange sync feature.

Microsoft Outlook (Exchange) - Import an E-mail from your Inbox - Import e-mails from your Outlook Inbox using the Microsoft Exchange sync feature.

Microsoft Outlook (Exchange) - Import an E-mail from your Sent Items - Import e-mails from your Outlook Sent Items using the Microsoft Exchange sync feature.


Referral Partners

Add a Referral Partner - Learn how to manually add referral partners to your contact database. Adding referral partners allows you to reach out to those contacts with content designed to increase you partner pipeline, co brand your content, and track referral business.

Add a Real Estate Agent Assistant Contact - Oftentimes your real estate agents (and other referral partners) will have an assistant and you'll want to make sure that your loan status updates emails and text messages reach the assistant as well. This video describes how to add the assistant as a new contact and link them to a real estate agent.

Co-Branded Agent Setup - Offering co-branded marketing to your referral partners is a great way for you to add value and stand out from the competition when you’re trying to build your referral channel of business. The Mortgage Manager allows you to co-brand e-mail broadcasts, drip campaigns and the My Mortgage Manager phone app used by your clients. This video tutorial describes how to add and configure a real estate agent for co-branding. Enter a complete set of contact information, add logos and head shots, and check your results with a co-branded e-mail template.

Find Your Real Estate Agents - Learn how to view and access your contacts using the Contact Finder.

Import Real Estate Agents - Learn how to import real estate agents from Excel using a data map and the Data Import Wizard.

Referral Partner Pipeline Report - The Referral Partner Pipeline reports displays leads sent to you from a selected referral partner. Each row lists contact information, loan status, and the most recently completed activity for that contact.

Sellers Agent Post Close Follow Up - One often overlooked source of referral business lies with the seller’s (aka listing) agents from your recently closed loan transactions. Something as simple as a follow up phone call to the agent shortly after the loan closes can pay big dividends in the long run. The key is to consistently make that follow up call for every loan you close. This is a great opportunity for you to ask for their business, but remembering to execute on this event with so much happening during your busy day to day schedule can be difficult.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to take advantage of a fully automated seller’s agent post close campaign that creates the phone call reminder in your My ToDo list dashboard. Learn how to take advantage of the dashboard to spot your upcoming calls and manage the follow up process.


System Administration

Add a Client Custom Field - Client Custom Fields allow you to extend the range of information collected in your Client contact screens. Custom fields are located on the Custom Field tab of the Client Full View and you can create new custom fields using the Admin Tools - Custom Field Manager. These fields can be searched, included in your reports, and are available as merge fields in your e-mail templates.

Managing Look Up Lists - Look up lists in Cimmaron allow you to customize your own set of values to be displayed in the drop down lists. This video takes a look at how you can use the Table Editor to update the look up list for Client Category and other pipeline management fields.


User Management

Cimmaron Themes - Learn how to change the look and feel of your Mortgage Manager screens by selecting from a variety of available "skins" in the Utilities - My User Profile screen. Skins control the theme of your Cimmaron user interface and modifies the overall color scheme and layout of your buttons, drop-down lists, grids, and other controls. Choose a holiday theme, something bright and happy, or something dark and serious, depending on your mood.

My User Profile - One of the first actions you should address when you get started is to update your User Profile via the Utilities – My User Profile screen. This screen controls the information used to merge your contact information into e-mail templates and other marketing materials and also provides access to other critical settings such as, LOS synching, building your team, Exchange sync, and many other widely used features.

Password Management Software - As users, we are faced with an ever-growing number of accounts that we need to access. From social media, to e-mail, to entertainment, and of course business tools, the list of usernames and passwords that we need to remember never seems to stop increasing in number. Although you’re free to maintain your Cimmaron credentials using whatever method works best for you and your business, this video tutorial demonstrates how to use KeePass to easily and securely maintain your expanding universe of accounts.

Update your Email Signature - The content for your e-mail signature is controlled by three elements, the Company Signature template, the Company Profile, and your User Profile. If you’d like to make changes to the layout of the template, edit the Company Signature template. If you need to change company information such as the name of the company or company website, use the Admin Tools – Companies screen, and if you need to make a change to your user information, such as title or phone number, use the Utilities – My User Profile. This video tutorial demonstrates how to make updates to all three areas.

Upload an Image for your Contact Signature - E-mail templates use a special merge field that pulls in the layout and merge fields from the contact signature html template. One of the optional fields in the signature template is the user image. You can easily upload your own image for this field by using the Utilities – My User Profile screen.


Video Email Marketing

Add a Video to a Drip Campaign Email (Windows desktop) - Adding videos to your emails is a powerful way to clearly and uniquely communicate to your contacts. Adding video emails to your drip campaigns automates the delivery of those emails based on custom trigger events. This video shows how to take advantage of this feature in a loan status campaign triggered by the Sent to Processing milestone.

Record a Reusable Video (Windows desktop) - Learn how to record and save videos for use at a later time in a drip campaign, e-mail broadcast, or single e-mails that you’d like send a contact in the future to take advantage of the same message.

Send One-Off Video Emails to your Contacts (Mobile App) - Use the Mobile Mortgage Manager CRM App to record and send a video to a contact. The mobile app video feature makes this process quick and easy and integrates with built-in video templates to help you deliver video e-mail messages to your prospects, clients, and referral partners from anywhere, anytime.

Send One-Off Video Emails to your Contacts (Windows desktop) - Learn how to create a video on the fly and send it to a specific contact. Video emails allow you to speak to your contacts in a unique and personalized way that grabs their attention. This video explains how this can be done from the Windows desktop version of the Mortgage Manager.