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Cimmaron offers live webinars to help you learn how to make the most of your Mortgage Manager CRM solution. We cover a wide variety of topics from the basics in Getting Started to industry best practices for managing your pipeline and marketing to your prospects, past clients, and referral partners. Webinars are a great addition to the pre-recorded video tutorials and offer you a chance to speak with the Cimmaron training team

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Recent Webinars

How to Use Two-Way Texting to Communicate with your Leads, Clients, and Agents

Cimmaron’s two-way texting feature offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, tailor-fit for improving customer interaction and avoiding the pitfalls of communication breakdown.


In this webinar, we take a look at the different ways you can take advantage of Cimmaron's two-texting feature:

  • Text from the Cimmaron mobile, Windows, and web applications
  • Add automated texting to your drip campaigns
  • Add additional recipients to a contact chat
  • Add video to your text messages
  • Select a text template to make texting easier and more consistent
  • Use the Active Chat Panel to see your most recent text messages across multiple contacts in a single screen

Three Ways to Effectively Use Video Webinar - Adding video to your email and text messages allows you to communicate in a unique and exciting way that standard emails can’t touch. Cimmaron records, hosts, delivers, and tracks your video content, which can be used in a variety of ways:

One-Off Emails - Nurture leads and prospects by creating personalized, one-off video emails tied to specific contacts as they reach different points in the sales cycle.

Drip Campaigns - Record videos and insert them directly into your reusable drip campaigns.

Email Broadcasts - Include video in your messages when reaching out to a targeted list of contacts with email broadcasts.

Cimmaron Monthly Newsletter Webinar - Cimmaron includes two monthly newsletters for your clients and referral partners: The Mortgage Adviser and The Market Beacon. Featuring recent news articles from reputable sources, seasonal tips and tricks and much more, each newsletter is designed to help you add value to the lives of your most important contacts.
This webinar explains how to take advantage of your monthly newsletter content.

Cimmaron Content Webinar - Cimmaron includes a robust set of marketing content you can use to reach your prospects, clients, and referral partners. This 100% original content includes drip campaigns and e-mail templates covering a wide-variety of your marketing needs, including purchase and refinance prospects, new Internet leads, loan status updates, referral partner follow-up, holiday messages, home loan anniversaries, and more.

This webinar will show you how to find, preview, and put this content to work as drip campaigns, e-mail broadcasts, and individual one-off e-mail messages.

Getting Started with Cimmaron Webinar - The getting started webinar will give you a solid grasp of many of the important features and settings you need to get up and running with your Mortgage Manager account as quickly as possible:
  • First time login and password reset
  • Update your user profile
  • Add leads
  • Add referral partners
  • Link leads to referral partners
  • Find your contacts
  • Add follow up calls and to-do items
  • Assign contacts to drip campaigns
  • Use dashboards to manage your to-do list
  • Access support resources

Lead Management Overview - Covers many of the core lead management strategies from distribution to follow up. Topics include lead integration, Mobile Mortgage Manager lead notifications, how to update your pipeline management fields, and using your dashboards.
Pipeline Management Fields - Learn how to use the Status and Lead Source fields to track your leads
Lead Notifications - Discover the various ways you can be alerted as soon as your leads arrive
Mobile Mortgage Manager - See how you can access leads from your phone
Dashboards- View and manage your lead pipeline from your desktop and mobile dashboard controls

Two-Way Texting and Video Overview Webinar - Learn about the new features available in the Cimmaron Mobile Mortgage Manager CRM solution, including two-way texting and the ability to create and include videos inside your emails.

Webinar Mobile Mortgage Manager Overview - A thorough walk-thru of the Mobile Mortgage Manager app. Learn how to add contacts, update todo items, assign campaigns, create video emails, and use two way texting from your mobile device.

Two-Way Texting Introduction - Two way texting allows you to instantly communicate with clients, leads, and referral partners from your computer or mobile device without ever having to leave the Mortgage Manager. Learn how to take advantage of this feature to collaborate with your contacts as well as your team using two-way texting.

Working with Referral Partners - Learn the basics as well as best practices on how to use Mortgage Manager to increase your referral partner business.
  • Add referral partners to your CRM database
  • Link leads to a referral partner
  • Track referral partner business through reports and finders
  • Send weekly automated reports to your referral partners
  • Setup a referral partner for co branded marketing
  • Co brand the “My Loan Center” mobile app

Dashboard Training - This webinar explains how to use dashboards to help you do a better job of staying on top of your lead pipeline and daily todo activities. Dashboards make it easy to quickly access and use the information that's most important to you without having to run reports and search your database.