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#1 Posted : Wednesday, July 6, 2011 4:32:34 AM(UTC)
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This URL navigates a user to the Client Web Portal Account Setup page. This page allows the user to quickly fill out basic contact information, desired loan values, and setup their web portal account. Their e-mail is used for the username and they are required to enter a password.

Once completed, the user is taken to the main web portal page where they can fill out a complete 1003 loan application and come back at any time to check on the status of their loan and see notes from the loan officer. The user also receives an e-mail with their username and a link back to the portal when they initially create their account.


https://www.tapapp.com/[installation id]/public web site/mortgage-website/New-Contact-Basic-Registration.aspx

Example: If your Cimmaron Mortgage Manager Installation ID (displayed in the lower right hand corner of the main screen) is 123456, use this link to open the web portal account setup page:

https://www.tapapp.com/123456/public web site/mortgage-website/New-Contact-Basic-Registration.aspx

Optional Parameters





0 (default)

List of loan officers is not displayed and contact is assigned to a default loan officer specified in the data map or by round robin lead distribution



Loan officer is selected by the user. Selection is optional and if not selected. the contact is assigned to a default loan officer specified in the data map or by round robin lead distribution



Loan officer is selected by the user and selection is required



If selectlo = 1 or 2, the list box of users is populated by loan officers from the specified branch


If selectlo = 0 or that parameter is not passed into the query string, round robin lead distribution will only use loan officers at the specified branch or a default user can be assigned for each branch using the data map.


First and last name of a selected loan officer

Loan officer is matched from a list of users in Cimmaron

(separate first and last with a space: john smith)



·         To pre-select a loan officer:

https://www.tapapp.com/123456/public web site/mortgage-website/New-Contact-Basic-Registration.aspx?loanofficer=john smith

·         To have the user optionally select from a list of loan officers at a specific branch:

https://www.tapapp.com/123456/public web site/mortgage-website/New-Contact-Basic-Registration.aspx?branchid=2&selectlo=1

Note: Branch ID values can be found in the Cimmaron Admin Tools – Company Information screen by clicking Find Now

·         To have the contact assigned to a default loan officer by the data map or distributed round robin to a group of eligible loan officers:

https://www.tapapp.com/123456/public web site/mortgage-website/New-Contact-Basic-Registration.aspx


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