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#1 Posted : Monday, October 3, 2016 8:10:58 AM(UTC)
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My ToDo List

One of the most frequently used features in Mortgage Manager is the My ToDo List section of the Loan Officer General Dashboard, which is pre-loaded at start up. By using My ToDo List, you can work with singular focus every morning on the day’s most important tasks.

All of the activities that are pending for today show up on My ToDo List (Figure 1):

(Figure 1: My ToDo List)

In order to optimally use My ToDo List, the goal is to clear out pending activities every day so that you make good progress on every contact. Activities can include:

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Custom Activity Categories

In this example, we will use phone calls as the pending activities, but as shown above, your ToDo List could include various types of activities including meetings or tasks such as mailing out paperwork.

The ideal way to work on your ToDo List is to double-click on the first item in the list, which opens up that contact’s screen with the corresponding activities listed in the Activities section (Figure 2):

(Figure 2: Activities)

As shown in the previous figure, the pending activity for the first contact is an “Initial Lead Call” with its corresponding note that the client is looking at properties this weekend. You can use the expanded note section under any activity to keep track of detailed information.

After making the phone call, you can click the checkbox to the left of the activity to mark it as Complete. Note that the asterisk in the contact tab at the top of the screen indicates that you are in edit mode as a result of making changes (marking the activity as Complete in this case) so you should also click on the Save button (Figure 3):

(Figure 3: Activities - Mark Complete and Save)

Another useful step for managing your ToDo List is to click on the Next arrow in the contact screen to navigate to the next contact and activity on your list (Figure 4):

(Figure 4: Contact - Next Arrow)

When you navigate to the next item on your list, you can see that this contact has two activities, one completed phone call and a pending follow up phone call (Figure 5):

(Figure 5: Pending Activity)

A good illustration of the workflow related to using My ToDo List is shown in this real world example of contact management efficiency:

After marking the phone call as Complete, click on the Note button to type in some details based on the results of your phone call. In this case, you can indicate that the contact would like to start a loan application. This is an ideal time to fill in details while everything is still fresh in your mind.

Additionally, you may want to take this opportunity while you’re still in the contact screen to update the Status setting, changing it from “New Lead” to “Prospect” (Figure 6):

(Figure 6: Activity Complete - Note and Status Update)

After clicking the Next arrow to navigate to the next record, if you click on the Dashboard tab to go back to your ToDo List, you can see that the Dashboard and Contact Finder are in sync, moving down the list as you complete today’s activities (Figure 7):

(Figure 7: Dashboard and Contact Finder Sync)

The fact that these controls stay in sync is one of the ways in which My ToDo List keeps you focused on your tasks. You may have noticed in the previous figure that the previous tasks were still on your list even though you had marked them as Complete. If you click Refresh on your dashboard, you will see that the list updates to remove the completed tasks (Figure 8):

(Figure 8: Refresh Button)

Continuing along the list and marking tasks as Complete will result in the synced list emptying out after you click Refresh again (Figure 9):

(Figure 9: Refresh - Completed ToDo List)

Emptying your ToDo List every day means that you’re staying focused on your commitments.
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