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#1 Posted : Thursday, November 17, 2016 7:56:03 AM(UTC)
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Using the Include and Exclude Settings

Because different branches of a company may have varying needs based on how they operate, it stands to reason that they may also have distinct data requirements. As such, while standardized settings for pipeline management fields might work well for most branches, other offices might need more customization.

The key pipeline management fields in Mortgage Manager come with tools geared toward such tailor-made design. Lookup Lists such as Status, Status Description, Lead Source, and Lead Description all come with built-in settings called “Include For Companies” and “Exclude For Companies”. These settings allow you to choose which items appear in the Status dropdown, for example.

A good way to see how this works is to look at a case in which some branches (note: branches are referred to as companies within Mortgage Manager) need a Status that others do not. In other instances, certain branches may not need a Status that others require.

The Include and Exclude settings work in conjunction with Visible For All Companies which, as its name suggests, sets a Status dropdown item as visible across your entire organization. For example, you might check the Visible For All Companies checkbox to have “Inactive Borrower” appear for all branches by default. Then, if one or more branches do not need that value, you can use Exclude to designate which branches should not show it.

Conversely, if you have the Visible For All Companies checkbox unchecked so that “Inactive Borrower” does not appear by default, you can use Include to specify which branches should display it.

To manage these settings, click on the “Edit Lookup Values” (provided you have the required administrative rights) ellipse at the end of the Status field (Figure 1):

(Figure 1: Status - Edit Lookup Values)

This opens the Lookup Edit screen (Figure 2):
(Figure 2: Lookup Edit)

Note the red box around these four settings:

  • Active
  • Visible For All Companies
  • Include For All Companies
  • Exclude For All Companies

The first setting, Active, controls whether or not the item appears in the dropdown, and is used to deactivate items that are no longer needed.

Visible For All Companies specifies whether an item appears across the organization.

Exclude filters out values for selected Companies.

For example, suppose that you would like “Inactive Borrower” to not appear as a dropdown item for a specific branch. To do that, click on the Exclude setting for that item (Figure 3):

(Figure 3: Lookup Edit - Exclude)

This opens a list of Companies allowing you to you check one or more locations for exclusion (Figure 4):

(Figure 4: Lookup Edit - Exclude - Companies)

In this case, we checked “Capstone Financial Advisors” and clicked OK so that it does not display “Inactive Borrowers” in the Status dropdown for that branch. You can see it on the Exclude list, so now just click Save (Figure 5):

(Figure 5: Lookup Edit - Exclude - Save)

As a result, “Inactive Borrower” no longer appears in the Status dropdown list (Figure 6):

(Figure 6: Status Dropdown)

Include allows companies to display values when Visible For All Companies is unchecked.

To see how this works, we will essentially create the opposite of the previous example, so in this case, we will use Include to have Capstone Financial Advisors see “Inactive Borrower” in the dropdown even though Visible For All Companies is unchecked.

In the Lookup Edit screen, click on “Capstone Financial Advisors” under Include, then click OK and Save (Figure 7):

(Figure 7: Lookup Edit - Include)

Now you can see “Inactive Borrower” in the Status dropdown because the current company (Capstone Financial Advisors) is included by the setting (Figure 8):

(Figure 8: Status Dropdown)

Note that the same procedure works for Status Description as well as Lead Source and Lead Description. By using the Include and Exclude settings, you can customize each branch’s dropdown lists to show exactly what they need.
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